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There are numerous reasons why you might want a stove, not only do the add a lovely feature to the room but other benefits include;

  • Saving money – Particularly if you use oil heating and have a cheap or free source of wood.
  • Increased efficiency – If you already use an open fire a stove would be far more efficient, stoves are around 80% efficient compared to an open fire which runs at around 20%.
  • You can burn far less fuel for the same amount of heat – A stove burns hotter for longer, retaining the heat in your room.
  • Aesthetics – A stove can be an excellent centerpiece for a room, its not unusual for owners to find themselves staring at the flames rather than watching the television.
  • Cutting your carbon foot print – Burning wood from renewable resources and replacing other fuels like coal, gas or oil will help cut carbon footprint.
  • Value – In the last few years property programs have shown how Stoves/Fireplaces are an excellent selling point for  home, in some cases adding significant value.
  • Help achieve a better SAP rating – Recent changes to Document L have changed the role of the wood burning stove and they can now be used by new build developers to help achieve a better SAP rating. In addition to this, the recent focus towards energy efficiency and carbon footprints (not to mention the increasing costs of energy bills) make the addition of a wood burning stove extremely appealing to potential buyers, adding value to your new build home as well & just an added general appeal. Stove manufacturers are now specifically developing products to work in low energy houses.



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